Human Geographies

An XR Memoir Project by Victoria Bennett
Human Geographies -- image still -- credit Victoria Bennett/Adam Clarke

 'Human Geographies' explores narratives of absence, responding to landscapes of loss (personal and ecological). When we experience the loss of another, we seek to find ways to make sense of the absence. We speak of the 'hole left behind'. It is a unique space that has shape, form, texture and yet, it is constructed entirely by the absence of the 'other'. When we navigate our experience of loss, we are making sense of the absence of what once was.

Time Line -- image credit -- Victoria Bennett/Adam Clarke 

From creating immersive physical landscapes, to tracing invisible echoes of those who have gone before, to re-imagining the poetry of loss in textual worlds, Human Geographies uses poetry, memoir, and XR tools to examine how immersive, digital spaces can be used to share both our personal grief stories, and our shared experience of ecological grief or ‘solastalgia’ in the face of a rapidly changing planet.

Digitial threads -- credit Victoria Bennett/Adam Clarke

How do we face these changes in our personal and collective lives? How do we overcome the feelings of loss, anger, hopelessness, powerlessness, despair and distress? How do we find a way to respond in a meaningful, purposeful way?

image credit -- Victoria Bennett

 As we learn to navigate our intimate stories across digital divides, my hope is that this work will encourage a creative dialogue around how literature and XR spaces can engage new audiences and creators in the sharing of authentic and meaningful narratives around our individual and collective loss.

Over the next twelve months, I will be sharing the development of my practice and this project here. 

I am grateful for the support of the Arts Council of England through the 'Develop Your Own Creative Practice' award scheme.

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