Digital Collaborations

I am interested in how new technologies such as video games and VR/AR can be used to create immersive platforms for meaningful and authentic storytelling. This relationship between text and image has been a continuous feature of my creative practice.


trace (2018) explores the creative use of digital human-scale mark-making technology within outdoor, natural spaces, in collaboration with creative writing. This month-long artist residencyin Orkney was undertaken in collaboration with digital artist, Adam Clarke and supported by a bursary from Artist Newsletter.

What We Now Know (2018) brings together the work of digital artist, Adam Clarke and musician, Beth Porter (The Bookshop Band), to create a VR-music piece in response to the #MeToo Women’s Poetry Anthology.

Bernheim International Artist Residency (2016) at Bernheim Arboretum and Research Forest, Kentucky - collaboration with digital artist, Adam Clarke, responding to the natural landscape and its stories through Minecraft and poetry

My Mother’s House (2015) explores the personal experience of bereavement and terminal illness through a playable poem based in Minecraft. This collaboration with digital artist, Adam Clarke, was funded by The Writing Platform to look at how literature and new technologies can work together. Featured in The Guardian, and on Gimlet Podcast, NYC, and was chosen in the Top 5 Minecraft Maps 2016. 

Red Blue (2003) is a short poem-film, created with digital artist, Adam Clarke and featured on thecommonpeople vlog channel and at The California Poetry Film Festival in 2006. 

The Hero Project (1999) uses poetry and installation/digital art to explore personal hero stories with rural, disadvantaged young adults (1999) 

My Own Words (1998) - uses poetry & photography to explore lived experiences of identity and belonging with rural users of mental health services (1998) 


Collabortive residency in Orkney using human-scale VR-AR and poetry within wild landscapes


What We Now Know

Collaborative VR music video in response to the #MeToo Women's Poetry Anthology


Wood & Pixels

A collaborative poetry and Minecraft family residency based in Bernheim Research Forest, Kentucky


My Mother's House

A playable poem, created within Minecraft, exploring terminal care, bereavement, and letting go


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